Where can I find instructions on how to use my Armour Wallet?


Where can I find instructions on how to set up my key holder?


How can I get replacement screws for my Armour Wallet?

  • Please fill out our contact form and include your name, email, full address, phone number and order number. We will be happy to provide you with a free set of replacement screws.


How do you remove the money clip?

  • Use the screwdriver included to remove the first 2-4 screws closest to the money clip. Push the money clip up to pop it out of place. Follow the instructions on this video for more in-depth details. 


How do you attach the cash strap?

  • Use the screwdriver included to remove the 7 screws on the back side of the wallet where the money clip is attached. Remove the aluminum plate and money clip. Fasten the cash strap around the aluminum plate. Line up the holes and screw the 7 screws back into the back of the wallet. Follow the instructions on this video for more in-depth details. 


Can I have a cash strap and a money clip on the same wallet?

  • Yes technically you can use both the cash strap and money clip at the same time. Keep the money clip attached on the back of the wallet. Use the screwdriver included to remove the 7 screws on the front side of the wallet. Remove the aluminum plate and fasten the cash strap around it. Line up the holes and screw the 7 screws back into the front of the wallet. 


How many cards can I fit inside the Armour Wallet?

  • The wallet works best with 6-8 cards since it is a minimalist wallet. But it can easily fit 12-14 cards. We do challenge you to take a deep look at the contents of your old wallet and remove any unnecessary cards you haven't used in the past 6-12 months. Welcome to the world of minimalism!


Is it hard to remove cards from the Armour Wallet?

  • When you first receive your Armour Wallet the band that holds the cards together will be tight, so it might be more difficult during your first week or two inserting and removing cards. Over time the elastic band with stretch and it will be much easier to remove the cards.


How many standard house keys will the key holder accommodate with the bottle opener attached?

  • The key holder can hold up to 5 standard keys plus the bottle opener. The set also includes extensions for the key holder to fit an additional 5 keys. So you could hold up to 10 keys plus a bottle opener. 


Does the multitool fit inside the wallet?

  • Yes, the multitool fits perfectly inside the wallet just like a credit card. Be careful when removing the multitool as it can scratch the RFID plates inside the wallet.


How flyer friendly are Armour Wallets? Will I need to remove the tool before going through security?

  • We have tested the multitool with the TSA and haven't had any problems. You might be asked to remove the multi-tool from the wallet for inspection, but it is absolutely flyer friendly. 


How do I return an Armour Supply Co. product?


How much does it cost for shipping?

To learn more about our shipping rates please visit our shipping page.


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