How to use your wallet

WARNING: Using the screwdriver provided, tighten all the screws before use.

Step 1: Gently place (up to 12) cards into the wallet.

Step 2: Using your index finger, push the cards out via the cutout semicircle.

TIP: For easy access, place your more frequently used cards in the front and/or back of the wallet.


Setting up your key holder

Step 1: Using the multitool, unscrew the two screws on the back of the key holder.

Step 2: Remove the metal backing and the washers.

Step 3: Place a washer between each key to seperate them. (To add additional keys, screw in the two metal extensions provided)

Step 4: Place the metal backing on top of the keys.

Step 5: Using the multitool, rescrew the two screws into the metal backing.

TIP: To attach a key fob, insert the bottle opener provided between your keys.


Watch this quick instructional video to learn more about your Armour Wallet